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When the size of an organization in terms of its people is huge, it becomes impossible for any HR manager to verify the stated credentials of prospective employees within a limited time. It is at this point of time, that Netfotech Solutions’ background screening services comes in handy.

At Netfotech Solutions, we are equipped with qualified professionals who provide Background Screening Service which is hundred percent reliable and authentic. Netfotech Solutions team is supported in its service offering by a large database of universities, colleges and previous employers which ensures that your company recruits the right individual – each time.

Necessity of Background Screening Service

Background Screening of candidates in needed simply because there is an increasing incidence of mismatch between stated and actual capabilities in the resumes of those who apply for jobs in the IT industry especially.

Some recent studies estimate that as many as one-third of all job-seekers provide exaggerated information on their resumes, which is difficult to verify. When this transpires on a large scale, it could result in under-delivery and organizational under-performance.

Netfotech Solutions has experience in probing and interviewing references leading to information integrity. The company processes most reports within 10 days of SLA, allowing clients to make early offers to qualified applicants. Netfotech Solutions’ most important and valuable possession is a comprehensive database of more than 500 universities and graduate colleges worldwide. This database helps the company to obtain a written confirmation of the recruit’s academic achievement and send to the recruiting company
Netfotech Solutions also performs a detailed check on the recruit’s character, competence, designation and tenure following a discussion with the previous employers

Welcome to Netfotech.