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Bigdata Solutions



Bigdata Solutions

For the past few years’ organizations have been making business decisions based on data in their relational database. Beyond a certain point, these solutions become difficult to scale, expensive to maintain or too complex to utilize. But data unlike the past decades has been in abundance and therein lays opportunities for organizations to utilize data in the right direction.performance to manipulate the data for competitive advantage. Big data provides a mechanism to capture, manage, and process the large sets of structured and unstructured data using parallel servers within a tolerable elapsed time.performance to manipulate the data for competitive advantage. Such a solution provides immense scalability and performance to manipulate the data for competitive advantage.

• Big Data Portal:
Solution that combines the powerful presentation capabilities of a portal such as rich user interface, collaboration and secure access with centralized & massively scalable data storage as the back end consisting of a variety of content (Audio, Video, Images, Documents, Metadata) in large volume
• Big Data with UXP:
User Experience Platform where enterprise applications such as Portals, ECM, ERP, Business Intelligence and legacy applications can leverage big data infrastructure
• Enterprise Search:
Allow users to quickly find required information in numerous & disparate repositories.
• Log Processing and Analysis:
Guides in processing the log files like website activity, call detail records, chat transcripts, email logs, network history, user activity records and employee attendance records.

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