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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an industry term for software solutions that help enterprise businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. Outsource Customer Relationship Management Services enables companies to better serve their customers through reliable self-service automated processes, personal information gathering and processing. It plays an important role for the success of any organization, effective management of customer data and adds value well beyond sales & service.

Netfotech Solutions is built using the latest cutting-edge technologies and will be customized totally to the needs of your enterprise:


Netfotech Solutions has built CRM marketing applications, that can create and capture new business opportunities by designing and executing effective marketing initiatives at the right times. You can use services to analyze your customer and prospect base, target the best prospects and create and manage effective marketing campaigns. Netfotech Solutions can help you capture new customers and drive repeat business, filter and get quality customer and prospects list to find the best targets for your campaign figure out marketing tools to use, roll in budgets and schedule follow-up tasks. And have a true measure of return on investment.

Sales Forecasting

We help in assessing all of your sales opportunities. It allows you with a transparent sales cycle where you can value each opportunity determine prospects' time frame for purchase and identify budgets in place for acquiring your product. Our services allow you to manage complex sales cycles and to measure your sales results against forecasts to have the real picture.

Sales Client Support

Netfotech Solutions provides you tools for servicing customers after the sale has happened. It helps in monitoring all customer related issues thus adding value to the business. Our CRM tolls allow creating tickets for support, assigning case management, reference service histories and response procedures. It also helps you to get access into sales order parts and vendor information so you can promptly assist your customers. Our Offshore Customer Relationship Management Solutions are focused to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve the productivity standards of your team and help you improve your ROI on your CRM investments
Welcome to Netfotech.