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Instore Analysis



Instore Analysis

Physical stores present a great opportunity for retailers to connect with the customers, attract them and inspire the loyalty. Selling goods in-store is now an Omnichannel experience driven by Digital Transformation especially, mobility, analytics and IoT. The data on customer preferences, buying patterns, demographic attributes help retailers to optimize their business in a better way, be it in terms of targeted promotions, staff optimization or increased sales conversion. Smart retailers are looking for advanced in store solutions to evaluate the total sales opportunity by accurately counting the store traffic, gauging customer behavior in-store and related conversion. Netfotech solution helps you Increase traffic, Increase conversions, Increase average transaction size through the seamless integration of our perimeter, interior and performance analytic

• Conversion and Footfall data:
The ability to extract footfall information is vital. The insights gained allow retailers to react and adapt accordingly. People counting and conversion is the foundation of in-store analytics. From here, additional analytics strengthen a stores understanding of customer behaviour, their store performance and the wider shopping environment. The insights are the catalyst to improving sales, optimising staff productivity and identifying best practice methods to share across estates.
• Customer Service:
Knowing your busiest store periods will help ensure that your staffing levels are appropriate to meet customer demand. This keeps costs down, drives conversion rates up and improves the customer journey within your store.
• Category and Space productivity:
Analysing dwell time data will tell retailers which areas of the shop floor customers are spending the majority of their time. These patterns will pinpoint optimal locations for high margin items that retailers want to push.
• Custom Behavior:
Understanding the customer journey will highlight product exposure levels, engagement, and navigational routes throughout the store. The results can very often lead to improved layout efficiencies that drive shoppers deeper into stores for maximum exposure and visit length. With the retailer’s landscape always changing, the ability to adapt to a moving market is paramount. If retailers use the information gathered wisely, the store can be tailored to customer demographics they’re expecting on any given time – with the aim of increasing cash flow and profit

- A combination of video, thermal imaging and Wi-Fi based people counting

- Beacon technology implementation for better customer engagement

- Mobile app analytics for engagement around engagement/reach-out effectiveness

- POS integrations to capture transaction data

- Omnichannel insights on in-store metrics in co-relation to online behavior and vice-versa

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