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Technology Services

Human Resource Services has been recognized by analysts, clients and industry bodies for delivering transformative solutions. The transformation success stories are a result of our ability to offer integrated consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions that are flexible and adaptable to client business and industry considerations. Netfotech Solutions enables HR functions of global clients to achieve cost savings, build efficiencies, scale and enhance quality of delivery.

The HR function has evolved beyond being a business enabler. Today, it must deliver value back to the business by:

  • * Efficiently addressing the diverse needs of a global workforce
  • ** Radically transforming HR processes
  • *** Rapidly creating operating models that enhance organizational effectiveness, business agility, and individual performance

While organizations have invested in standardizing, optimizing, and re-engineering HR processes and structures, we believe the transformation journey can be accelerated with the right partner. From talent sourcing and development to engagement and retention, we deliver seamless solutions through excellent cross service collaboration among our HR technology, consulting, and outsourcing practices.

Our offerings for HR functions are modular, letting you choose an offering to address a specific need, or combine offerings to create consolidated operations and realize greater value. We can handle challenging mandates across the HR spectrum. We can also help you unlock valuable insights about your HR function though our analytics tools and help you create new cost structures

Regardless of the domain, technology and service category, we pledge to remain accountable for whatever outsourcing project we execute. We seek to integrate and manage your IT investment, create a seamless transition, and rapidly deliver business value -- freeing your own people to focus on your core business and derive a competitive advantage from our relationship. To achieve this objective, enterprises are constantly on the lookout for best practices and frameworks for delivering sustained business value and ensuring operational superiority.

At Netfotech Solutions, we offer Application Outsourcing Services that are geared towards revolutionizing the clients’ application outsourcing portfolio, while enabling them to garner higher and enhanced business value. Our approach is tuned towards ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, thereby making our clients’ business a lot more competitive. We are at the cutting edge of key technology paradigms such as cloud computing, application modernization and agility, and are reshaping our clients' IT environments to leverage these next-generation technologies, across their businesses

Netfotech Solutions Sourcing and Procurement Practice is guided by a single mantra– to help clients lower their third-party spend and optimize procurement operations by ‘doing more with less’. We achieve this by delivering transformative solutions, either largescale or targeted

The procurement function has transformed to become more strategic over the years. Today, it delivers significant business value through strategic sourcing and spend management, but there remain challenges such as:

  • * High cost of service delivery
  • ** Paucity of strategic sourcing skills, domain and category expertise
  • *** Lack of measures to deal with economic shocks and market volatility

Netfotech Solutions combine the right people and expertise, efficient processes and technologies, to deliver the most effective outcomes. We offer capability optimization through usage of offshore resources, leveraging category expertise, using fit-for-purpose processes, and an operating model that is scalable, with lower fixed costs.

Netfotech Solutions is empaneled with some of the best Staffing Partners in the market to support its sourcing process for the right candidate. For empanelment of new partners (permanent or contractual) we have a well-defined process which includes the signing-up of the MSA (Master Staffing Agreement) and Terms and Conditions (permanent or contractual)

Transformation is about Change, it's about business improvement. In order to retain the competitive edge, what enterprises need is a committed and collaborated partner. Netfotech Solutions is committed to comply with client requirements and continually improve service efficiency. Our services are delivered by a global network of technology centers, staffed with people who provide sourcing options to meet a client's unique needs. We ensure efficient communication, services and customer satisfaction. We never let our eyes off the targeted goals and objectives, something that allows us to achieve and deliver the desired results through our business process outsourcing services.

The success of outsourcing may depend on varied factors, but eventually it's the skills and experience of professionals that makes all the difference. When you choose a business process outsourcing service provider, it will become easier for you to ensure that the processes are carried out in the most professional manner, saving you both time and money.

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