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Product Development Models

Project Basis Model

This model works the best when the requirements are clear to the client and scope of the project is well defined with well understood solutions and fixed working capacity. We provide start-to-end website design and development services till the successful completion of the project. The model requires client cooperation to provide timely information and relevant decisions so that the project moves on in well stipulated time frame.

Offshore Development Centre Model

This model works the best for projects which are of medium to large scale and longer in duration and where the project specifications gets evolved as the time progresses. Regular updating and testing is required to maintain the project on the latest technology platform.

Offshore-Onshore Model

This model works the best with large complex projects where in it is required for the client team to work with our technical team integrating different knowledge resources for the completion of the project. A part of our development team travels across to the onsite client’s technology centre and work in sync with the rest of our team at Netfotech Solutions to get the desired results.

Welcome to Netfotech.