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who we are

About Us

Netfotech Solutions is a privately-owned company located in Pune, India. Netfotech Solutions’ founders have over 25 years combined experience in industry both inside and outside of India. Our experience has allowed for us to develop and maintain our own code of best practice that is benefited by our valued customers.
Netfotech Solutions provides services to companies of all sizes. Each of our customers is treated with the same respect and commitment to quality. We offer a wide range of services and solutions that ensures that our customers can focus on their core business and leave the work to the professionals. It is our aim to sustain ongoing relationships with our customers by understanding their business and applying our technical knowledge to deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions.
At Netfotech Solutions, we are leaders in delivering Application Development, Digital Product Engineering, Data Management & Analytics, Digital Transformation, Automation, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Applications and Cyber Security to enable more innovative and efficient businesses.

Our Approach

Getting started on the Digital Journey can seem daunting, especially because this journey is not just about technology; it is about how business gets done with an amalgamation of platforms and across multiple applications having distinct features. It is therefore critical to have a partner who not only understands your business but is also able to leverage its technical expertise to help you discover what opportunities and pitfalls lie in your digital transformation journey.
Netfotech Solutions modular approach can be suited to most requirements – we provide consulting services to help you identify what you could be doing as well as execution services to get initiatives off the ground and into production so you can start reaping benefits.

Understand what’s happening, know how others are leveraging “Digital” and identify opportunities for your enterprise. During this stage of the journey, enterprises are more interested in knowing how they are affected and what others are doing in the Digital space to create competitive advantage. This phase seeks to answer the question “what can we do?”
We can help you understand the impact and envision the possibilities that Digital brings. Our consulting offerings in this are centered on:
• Workshops to align stakeholders or create awareness and perhaps a sense of urgency
• Assessment of opportunities and creation of impact heat maps to know what part of the business or work process is impacted


Once you have an idea of how Digital can be applied to your business and are beginning to think about how best to integrate Digital in the way that you do business, you can embark upon the Design Phase. The main question that this phase seeks to address is “how do we do it?”
We can help you clarify some of the fog around what your target to-be state looks like, what technologies and platforms to consider as well as deploy some quick proofs-of-concept to gauge viability.
We can help you
• Define the target end-state, detail the solution (features and functionality)
• Understand and mitigate Enterprise Architecture impact


This is the phase within which chosen initiatives are actually built and delivered. As is the case with most digital initiatives, this is an iterative process to build solutions or features, test them in use and improve them based on feedback received almost in real-time. This is the phase that is focused on “getting it done!”
We can help you evaluate and adopt technologies and platforms whilst measuring and monitoring outcomes in order to ensure that the envisioned benefits are realized. Our services in this phase will be centered on:
• Providing skills and expertise in the tools and technologies chosen for the initiatives
• Managing the program, including change management, so you can realize the envisioned benefits