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Data Is Power, But Only If You Harness It Effectively!


Bots are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with the World and the Chatbot Market size is set to exceed USD 1.34 billion by 2024.Data is the sole catalyst that quantifies each and every iota of business and thereby makes it measurable, it’s the “new capital” of business. Hence data is to businesses what mainstay is to ships with their ROI.


01. Image and Video Analytics

With data on the internet and in general is becoming more visual with each passing moment, deciphering it to get valuable business insight might give you the much-needed competitive edge. By processing Big Data in real time with utmost precision, we are providing following AI-powered offerings –

02. Text Analytics

Since text analytics transposes words into numerical values and analyzes them using data mining techniques to solve business problems, it’s a potent weapon in overcoming the menace of unstructured text data. Using the iterative approach, we dive successfully into the text to gain insights into content-specific values like emotion, relevance, and sentiment. Our offerings include:

03. Cognitive Customer Analytics

By converting raw data into an actionable piece of information, we provide you with a complete view of your customers’ behavior, needs, and pain points to boost bottom line performance. Our offerings include:

04. NextGen Demand Analytics

We help you understand your organizational data to identify hidden opportunities, enable better decision making, and increase efficiency across all departments. Our offerings include:

05. Predictive Maintenance

Equipment or system downtime doesn’t just cost you money and operational efficiency. It eats away your reputation too. With data-backed predictive maintenance solutions, we let you anticipate when, where, and how maintenance problems will occur. Our offerings include:

06. Predictive Analytics

Netfotech team of experts design anticipatory systems, recommender systems, etc. for our clients These AI solutions utilize a vast range of statistical methods to analyze the existing and historical facts to make predictions. This service finds extensive use in,

Our Value Proposition

Data Science Solutions – Empowering Enterprise to gain insights

Data Collection

We at Netfotech Solutions use Data Collection tools to give a 360-degree business perspective that helps clients stay ahead in their game.

Data Processing

We aim at providing flawless tracking of customer data of preferences, patterns, and inquiries to ensure superior customer service experience to clients across all channels and platforms.

Anticipating Needs

Our efficient data collection techniques help organizations to optimize their customer experience and nurture a long-lasting successful relationship with them.

Being Relevant

With our effective data Science and data-driven service organizations turn sensitive towards the needs and demands of the customers thus helping them in anticipating the future needs of the customer even before it is requested

Feature Engineering

Our expert team of Data Science offers deep domain expertise to create a Data Center of Excellence that interprets the data in real-time thus ensuring timely and informed decision making.