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Cloud Computing

Transform Your Business With Non-Connected Computers

Cloud practice helps enterprises to boost their operational effectiveness and flexibility.

Netfotech Solutions, we help enterprises to tap the potential of cloud services and to deploy cloud solutions to meet their digital transformation objective. Deployment of cloud platform helps an enterprise to drive their business towards growth. Netfotech Solutions ‘Cloud Managed Services (CMS) helps enterprises gear up for a paradigm shift in digital transformation and look after operations optimization, enhancing data security and achieve quicker workflow. We at Netfotech Solutions offer platform-based tailored cloud services by understanding the needs of your enterprise and business.
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Cloud Enablement

Gearing up for your first foray into Cloud. Netfotech Solutions helps you in a smooth cloud transition and ensures that you do not face any technical or operational concerns. Our Cloud enablement services include:

  • Evaluating your Business process
  • Cloud service monitoring and management of security deployment framework
  • Design and consulting of cloud Framework
  • Extending Support for seamless deployment of the cloud framework


Cloud Support Platforms

Netfotech Solutions aims to make businesses Cloud agile with a network of Cloud support platforms. Our Cloud Engineers are industry experts with years of experience on popular platforms as mentioned below:

  • Amazon Web Service: helps in realizing the complete potential of cloud deployment and cloud migration
  • Google Cloud Platform: benefit from the robust capabilities of Google’s Infrastructure.
  • Microsoft Azure: Clients benefit through the network of Microsoft excellence
  • VM Ware: Assisting organizations from on-premise VMware to AWS


Cloud Application Migration

Cloud migration involves safe and secure data transfer from your onsite server or hosted server to another server at zero downtime. At Netfotech Solutions, we help clients achieve a full-scale migration easily from their existing server to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Our experts will:

  • Evaluate and assess your existing workloads, virtual and physical server configurations, and security and compliance requirements to minimize the risk of migration
  • Develop a robust and foolproof application migration strategy based on your business requirements.
  • Design a cloud migration plan, based on your destination environment and migration strategy
  • Execute the migration while ensuring or minimizing the downtime


Cloud Platform Support

Through Cloud Platform services, we ensure that your applications are running optimally. Our clients can develop, run and manage their applications without worrying about the intricacy of the infrastructure.

  • Support to build and scale applications
  • Automation engines for deployment
  • Load balancers and health dashboards to monitor performance 24/7
  • Built-in-security features to ward off vulnerabilities


Cloud Managed Services

With Netfotech Solutions cloud managed services, you can be guaranteed of quality support on your private, public or hybrid cloud architecture. Let us manage your cloud, while you can concentrate on core business activities. Our offering includes

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Centralized applications and network architecture
  • Virtualization
  • Automated business process


Cloud Security Services

With Netfotech Solutions Cloud Security Services, you can manage risks and improve the visibility of cloud workloads drastically. We are equipped to provide following services

  • Single sign-on for all applications
  • User activity monitoring
  • Cloud Identity Management Services
  • Cloud Data protection design


Our Value Proposition

Netfotech Solutions Cloud Service spans help at every stage of Cloud Deployment

Value-added Cloud support

Cloud analytics to DevOps to Hybrid backups offering value-added cloud support

Cloud Accelerators

Our Accelerator toolkit helps in cloud assessment and cloud migration thus expediting cloud delivery time

Cost Effective

We offer usage-based pricing model thus making it cost effective for the overall business

Enhanced Implementation

Comprehensive understanding of the current existing technical landscape for implementing the plug and play architecture

Quality Control

Cloud Computing offers secured storage of data maintaining the consistency, clear recording of data updating and revisions ensuring high level of quality control

Disaster Recovery

As the entire data is saved on the cloud, so in event of a disaster we ensure safe data recovery of your organization's entire data.