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The Success Of Real QA Lies Beyond The Obvious


Quality assurance and control are more critical than ever before due to the growing usage of smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. that work on software requiring continual updates. Correspondingly, dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape with the emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility, and social media have made profound impact necessitating a change in methodology, approach, and delivery of Testing Services. Netfotech Solutions provides a full spectrum of quality assurance and testing services to organizations both creating and utilizing business applications and software products. We deliver a combination of solid technical competence along with state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks.


01. Functional Testing

Our Functional testing services are aimed to verify whether the software product complies with the functional requirements indicated in its specification. We offer an array of functional testing services including,

02. Non-functional testing

Non-functional testing services from Netfotech Solutions are designed to verify the quality characteristics of the component or system to be tested. We specialize in,

03. Agile Testing Services

Netfotech Solutions provides Agile Testing Services that seamlessly integrate Outsourced Testing with the rest of your Agile Team. As many organizations move to Agile Software development, testing processes have also evolved to meet the needs of Agile. We offer,

04. Application Testing

Netfotech Solutions offers testing for a single application or the entire application-eco system. Our QA solutions combines your capabilities with our specialized testing expertise to deliver the best results. Our value addition includes,

05. Compatibility Testing

With apps integration a usual norm now, the need for compatibility testing is getting bigger, and with our expertise, we see it with an organized approach, increased coverage, and regular feedback from our clients. Netfotech Solutions offers extensive compatibility testing of products on variety of platforms as follows,

06. Mobile Testing

Mobile applications are a part our daily routine and responsible for digital transformation across sectors today. With numerous options available, users are increasingly intolerant of poor user experience, functional defects and below-par performance. At Netfotech Solutions, we offer following Mobile apps Testing services,

Our Value Proposition

Comprehensive Manual Testing

The process to discover untapped bottlenecks and bugs, automated test cases may miss out.

Flexible testing models

Netfotech Solutions flexible QA engagement models follow custom-made operations and processes with strict SLAs to ensure that business goals are met.

Skilled and affordable QA resources

Do not bother about QA professionals hiring and training. We provide full offshore support for your testing needs on a permanent and contractual basis.

Real-time progress tracking

Know the real-time status of tasks, bugs, and crashes to plan your ongoing development process.

Access to the latest tools and frameworks

Get access to Netfotech Solutions world-class QA automation lab, test automation tools, and frameworks.

Reusable test cases

We provide clients with a library of reusable test cases that they can deploy any time