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Congruence Of The Real World And The Digital World


IoT connects the real world with the digital world with more sensors, more data and more power lead way ahead towards IoT enabled digital transformation that changes the way one works and lives.

IoT led products are soon venturing into every aspect of our real-world lives. Today the IoT-led products are already changing the way we live. Netfotech Solutions offers to create industry-specific solutions for your enterprise to be more effective and efficient. Netfotech Solutions believes that the key to succeeding in the digital era is by providing intelligently crafted offerings to bridge the real world with the digital world.


01. IoT Business Strategy Services

Our IoT Business Strategy Services are aimed at helping clients harness the potential of their IT infrastructure for new revenue models. We strive to,

02. IoT Consulting Services

Be it any phase of IoT transformation journey we support clients to achieve maximum potential with IoT adoption. Our consulting advisory works for successful integration of IoT practices and data by

03. IoT Platform Development and Testing Services

IoT has the potential for countless real-world implementations. We work closely with clients across industries to enable smart and innovative solutions. Our IoT Platform Development and Testing Services assures,

04. IoT Platform Managed Services & Support

Handling multiple IoT platforms is a complex task, as you have to deal with fragmented applications and manual processes. However, with Netfotech Solutions IoT Platform Managed Services & Support we ensure smooth integration of devices and applications. Our expertise include:

05. IoT System Integration Services

IoT integration is difficult as it calls for extensive planning with legacy networks and applications. At Netfotech Solutions, we help organizations in end-to-end system integration with IoT, giving due deliberation to compatibility with existing infrastructure. We provide,

06. Analytics

Netfotech Solutions analytics solutions help organizations to generate prompt alerts and signals from IoT data. We collect using the right set of tools and technology and use it to unlock advanced analytics. We provide,


Our Value Proposition

Real-time Customer engagement

Data analytics allows interaction with the customer in real time by tracking location, timing and searching inputs

Increased profit margins

With IoT analytics at disposal, it is easy to monitor consumer trends and respond to the demand changes in a timely manner. This could lead to increased sales and profits..

Operating efficiency

Wireless IoT devices require little to no human intervention to operate. This results in greater control and automation leading to more operating efficiency..

Interoperable IoT solutions

Our IoT solutions are interoperable, and therefore easily connected with other IoT environments.

Complete lifecycle management

Our IoT integration services ensure end-to-end lifecycle management staring from scope analysis, production, testing, demo, to deployment and maintenance.

Customer support

We provide hands-on training and trained resources to help our customers fully realize the potential of our solutions.