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If your applications do not talk to each other, you are missing on utilizing existing data assets of your organization. Lack of connectivity between existing systems also results in a lack of real-time information dispersion and sync.
Netfotech Solutions Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services support your integration process connecting hardware systems, legacy systems, and business processes with technology and advanced digital platforms.
Our service range includes Platform Integration, Data Integration, Component Integration, Process Integration and Application Integration.

Why Netfotech?

01 Enterprise Integration Consulting

We leverage our industry experience in integrating a wide range of complex applications, and technological expertise to build an efficient integration roadmap for our clients. Our consulting services ensure that the integrations are in line with our client’s business goals, as well as meet business challenges. Our specialties include,

  • Enterprise Architecture Audit, Analysis, and Planning
  • Technology and IT Security Consulting
  • Project Analysis and Planning
  • Data Modelling
  • Process Modeling
02 Integration Requirement Analysis and Design

Netfotech Solutions conduct a thorough evaluation and analysis of integration requirements. We help businesses benefit from our technical knowledge and expertise as well as niche experience. We follow a methodical process to create a roadmap that mitigates risks and provides integration benefits. Our specialties include,

  • Integration Requirement Analysis
  • Integration Architecture Design
  • Detailed Technology Analysis Depending on Commercial and Open Source Components
03 Custom Integration

This service is for clients intending to automate data exchange between two, or more applications, or integrating remote data applications to the existing environment. Our specialties include,

  • Custom API Integration
  • Custom Database Connector Design, Development, Testing, and Implementation
  • Customized Middleware Development
  • Customization and Re-Engineering Existing Software Applications to Enable New Integration
  • Customization of Data Sources and Applications that support Enterprise-Wide Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
04 Implementation and Testing

We work closely with clients to understand their business requirements, identify performance markers, infrastructure deficiencies, and integrate new applications to enhance productivity. We handle implementations for mobile, web, desktop, as well as cloud applications. Our Integration Implementation involves the following steps,

  • Defining Strategy
  • Selecting the right tools
  • Deployment
  • Testing and Support

We conduct rigorous testing to ensure seamless data integration with existing systems. Our team of QA experts ensures that individual modules, reporting, interfaces, and other functionalities perform as per the requirement.

05 Monitoring and Assessment

Ensuring that our Integration solutions are working as per the requirement we provide continuous monitoring and assessment to our clients,

  • We deliver real-time dashboards and alerts to monitor business services and processes
  • We ensure that any minor changes in the systems or the entire enterprise integration process are completed in time. This helps us thoroughly follow the pre-designed EAI dashboards.
  • Respond quickly with diagnosis in case of any performance issues
  • With the ability to report on performance we easily meet the requirements of SLAs
06 Embracing Continuous Integration

At Netfotech Solutions, we embrace the practice of continuous integrations in Agile and DevOps development environments to make your complex systems manageable. The benefits realized are following,

  • Reduces the risk of huge code check-ins
  • Creates well-tested versions of your software
  • Allows faster builds
  • Narrow down the overall project cost

Our Value Proposition


Realize actual benefits of your software investments

We help realize full benefits of your software investments by bringing hidden values via successful app integration

One Universal dashboard

Our universal dashboard brings the functionality of several applications combined into one easy to use user interface

Flexibility through Agility

Enterprises can identify and address issues and opportunities with increased agility

Workflow automation

Workflow automation with our EAI platform - incorporating automated actions in the process flow

Eliminate redundancies

Our Services ensure that data collection efforts are consolidated, thus excluding redundancies

Secure the systems against cyber-attacks

During cybersecurity setup, we identify assets, threats and vulnerabilities to evaluate the security risks


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