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Accelerate your business success with intelligent processes


Repetitive and manual processes can hamper the growth and success of your organization by making your business ineffective and unprofitable.

To overcome these roadblocks, make use of our RPA expertise. Robotic Process Automation solutions will help you in creating specialized BOTs or agent by using screen scraping and other mechanisms that will help you in automating your clerical jobs. RPA combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities can help you in automating the process of handling high-volume repeated tasks like record keeping, record maintenance, resolving queries, calculations, etc. that were initially performed by humans. Automating your business with RPA will make your business processes smart and intelligent. Deployment of automation in the organization will increase the productivity of employees as well as of business operations.Netfotech Solutions help you to create an intelligent process by combining our RPA process and machine learning techniques. Our RPA solutions ensure to deliver streamlined business performance, delightful customer experience, and efficient business operations.


01. Corporate Enablement

Getting connected with the client organization and understanding their needs and requirements through:

02. Consulting and Advisory

Offering consultation on the needs and requirements of client organisation by:

03. Planning

Offering consultation on the needs and requirements of client organization by:

04. Solutioning

This phase includes creating of solutions as per the needs and requirements of clients as under:

05. Execution

In this phase the execution of envisioned roadmap is done through:

06. Support

Extending support to client organizations with:

Our Value Proposition


Our team of experts have a vast and rich industry experience in delivering niche IT initiatives to accelerate your business success.


We have a strong team of RPA having expertise across – RPA architecture, Enterprise Architecture, AI Developers, Business Analyst and IOT Engineers

Domain Expertise

We have hands-on experience on vertical-specific domain projects spanning across different verticals – Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Retail

Global Presence

We have experience on projects cuting across various verticals spanning multiple geographies.

Focal Point

Focal point of our services is to provide exclusive services in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Robotic Process Automation.


Our rich affiliations allows us to have deeper access to latest trends. Our technology partnerships are with Automation Edge and IBM Watson.