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Cyber Security

Reinventing security to support the innovative ecosystem

Cyber-attacks have not only compromised technical assets, but have also resulted in financial loss, lawsuits, and an irrevocable reputational loss.

Cyber threats pose evolving challenges to business goals and objectives, curbing organizations’ repeated attempts at a counter strategy. Legacy monitoring systems & processes have become obsolete, and we need advanced solutions to detect unknown threats in real-time and respond in the quickest and most effective ways. At Netfotech Solutions, we know the ways to combat cyber risks, and have introduced the Cyber Security Service to ensure this. Cyber risks warrant an intelligent cyber defense resilient framework, empowered with enhanced visibility. This should be enabled with integrated monitoring & cyber analytics; proactive threat identification using threat hunting & deception; and adaptive responsiveness using automation & orchestration, encapsulated in a comprehensive cyber risk management program.
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The state-of-the-art tools at Netfotech Solutions detect cyber-attacks and helps minimize the data loss. The services under Monitoring include:

  • Device status and performance monitoring
  • Real-time alerts of security
  • Event correction
  • Detailed reporting
Management and Administration

The services under Management and Administration include:

  • Incident Management & troubleshooting

  • Change Request/Log Analysis

  • Patch/version updates

  • Reporting

Vulnerability and Threat Management

It helps organizations identify the security loopholes with the help of sophisticated tools. After evaluating the risk, Netfotech Solutions develops a remediation plan tailored as per the business requirements and security needs.

  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Content management
  • End point Security
  • Data loss Protection
Compliance Management

Compliance of processes and its management helps organizations avoid many online threats and malware. Netfotech Solutions provides following compliance management services:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Detect Compliance analyze enforcement
Cybersecurity consulting
Netfotech Solutions analyzes security status for your organization and suggest the suitable cybersecurity measures. We help you understand following factors:
  • Migration to cloud with minimal risks
  • Making current security practices more data-centric
  • Security of your data, data centers, website and apps
  • Compliance with privacy policies and corporate regulations
Identity and Access Management (IAM)

While adopting SMACT (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things), your sensitive data and digital assets may be exposed to vulnerabilities. Our IAM services help secure your data and assets in such digital transformations.

  • User authentication
  • User rights management
  • Monitoring user access and activities
  • Managing access to the users


We make you better equipped against any cyber attack

Our Value Proposition

Guard your precious data

One of the main objectives of cybersecurity is to protect valuable data of any business, which is often exploited by hackers

Practice compliance

We help you align your processes and methodologies with top-notch cyber compliances. These compliances offer you more protection

Keep Cybersecurity at the center of your business

Only when you offer a center stage to the cybersecurity, you will be able to implement in every aspect of your business. Cybersecurity is not just a feature, but it is the lifeline for your business

Be ready for any cyber-incident

We instill an effective rigorous response program keeping you ready for any security event

Be agile

We make you able to counter the security events at an agile pace and help you resume to normal operations

Secure the data management systems against cyber-attacks

In the process of setting up the cybersecurity processes, we identify assets, threats and vulnerabilities and evaluate the security risks