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Enterprises look for that perfect partner who would support them with the right kind of infrastructure setup, optimized and scaled to match their operational budget.
Leading system integration expertise at Netfotech Solutions empowers your business with reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure services in a cost-effective plan.

Why Netfotech?

01 Remote Infrastructure Management Services

To let you support your end-users cost effectively and efficiently, we provide remote operation and administration services to desktop deployments. The goal is to give you a competitive edge by bringing key service desk facilities to your workforce.

1) Desktop Management

  • IT Asset Tracking
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Migrations & Support
  • Anti-Virus & Security Management
  • Backup Management
  • Image Management
  • Hardware & Software Roll-outs
  • Incident Monitoring & Escalation

2) Application Management

  • Application Monitoring
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application Hosting and Maintenance

3) Network Management

  • Fault Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Provisioning of Networks
  • LAN/WAN Management
  • Bandwidth Management
  • VPN Services

4)Storage Management

  • Storage availability, performance and utilization monitoring
  • Upgrading of firmware, hardware, and software as per the recommendation of OEM
  • Data set replication
  • Provisioning of storage objects and resource
  • Backup and recovery services
  • Information Governance

5) Server Management

  • Server Administration
  • Server Security
  • Server Migration
  • Server infrastructure
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Information Governance
02 Disaster Recovery

From cyber-attacks to equipment failures, and from hurricanes to other natural disasters, IT infrastructure always operates under threat. Since 93% of companies without disaster recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year, paying attention to it becomes vitally important. To stop you from becoming a mere disaster recovery statistic, our experts have designed following proactive as well as reactive disaster management services to bring you back on your feet after a fatal occurring:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Recovery Management
  • Cloud-Based Recovery
  • Business Continuity Management
03 Helpdesk

The impact of digital experiences across different channels and devices sets the tone for customer engagement. Netfotech Solutions deliver end-to-end content management solutions powered with robust architecture, simplified workflows, easy-to-use content management functionalities, responsive design, and integrated analytics. Our digital experience experts can optimize the existing CMS and building new ones to stay agile in the ever-demanding technology landscape.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive CMS that lets businesses manage websites, mobile apps, content, and marketing efforts in a single place. By availing of the advanced Adobe Experience Management (AEM) solution, your business can deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences that have a global reach. With these unmatched customer experiences across in-person and online channels, you can increase demand as well as customer loyalty for your business.

Netfotech Solutions bring in-depth Adobe Experience Manager expertise to provide end-to-end technology solutions for businesses looking for innovation.

  • Consulting & Development
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Migration & Upgrade
  • Managed Services
  • Independent Testing
  • Support & Maintenance
04 Office 365

In today’s era of too-much-same products, it’s the customer experience and service that will decide the survival possibilities of any business. That’s precisely where helpdesk management will become your silver bullet, as it acts as the first point of contact for monitoring / owning incidents, addressing user requests/questions and providing a communications channel between other service management functions and the user community. Recognizing this, we have come up with the following offerings to keep your end-users in a perpetual functioning mode

  • Private Labeled Help Desk
  • Hardware Diagnosis
  • Internet Call Tracking Access
  • Remote Control Assistance
  • Proprietary Application Support

Our Value Proposition


Multi-OS Device Support and IoT

Gain visibility and control over iOS, macOS, Android and Windows devices along with Internet of Things (IoT).

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We will Provide, protect and manage your devices for you. You still have total visibility through the customer portal.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Simple enrolment and a perfect balance between productivity and privacy for transient users

Mobile Application Security

Provide full operational and security lifecycle management to distribute, update, manage and secure mobile apps.

Mobile Threat Management

Using AI, Detect and remediate on iOS and Android devices to help protect your organization against fraud and data breaches.

Virtual Wall Between Business and Personal

Establish a container for the business environment that is separate from the personal environment.


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