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AI Enablement to Analyze/Respond Incidents


AI Enablement to Analyze/Respond Incidents (IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson) along with SAST & DAST for a Financial Institution.

Business Problems

  • Replace the existing SAST tool with a robust, stronger, more cost-effective Application Security Solution & implement an AI-enabled DAST solution for the application & infrastructure.
  • Need to have enhanced reporting, governance and compliance capabilities for the entire security framework.
  • Facilitate the security best practices through a centralized management process.
  • Possibly missing incidents due to false positives, false negatives, or by lack of automation

Solution Details

  • Offered an AI-enabled solution which helps to gather insights by correlating millions of external sources against local data.
  • Implemented the Secure SDLC with SAST Tool along with DAST (Dynamic Testing) for each application.
  • Applied analysts to focus on more complex parts of the response cycle.
  • With this solution, all the incidents in the future will be automatically added along with the discovered threat indicators to watch lists



  • Accelerated Analysis โ€“ Automated investigations of Incidents and AI that reasons.
  • Intelligent Investigation โ€“ Cognitive reasoning helps to build relationships among discovered threat entities.
  • Comprehensive and thorough visibility into higher priority risks, critical systems impacted, and insider threats.
  • Identify and fix vulnerabilities โ€“ Reduce risk exposure by identifying vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle.