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Vehicle Regulatory and Compliance System


Vehicle Regulatory and Compliance System with DevOps Approach

Business Problems

  • Client was using a semi-automated process with customized billing & ticketing software to address the backend system but an Excel-driven front-end sales function.
  • Required a system to track the sales activities and improve TAT.
  • Required to track the collaboration of team members towards bid preparation and other contributions.
  • Needed tracking of business opportunities for channel partners and sales team, as the GTM was also through partners/ channels

Solution Details

  • Difficulties in managing the drivers, fleets, dispatchers, e-hailing, third-party vehicles, and driver data.
  • Needed a way to track passenger complaints.
  • Need an agile and iterative approach for the development and automated process for continues build and testing.
  • Incorporate the new requirements from the users on continued basis.



  • Automated all manual processes with DevOps for the development.
  • Operational process automated improving operation effectiveness
  • Overall processing time reduced by 50%.
  • Eliminated the possibilities of misconfiguration by implementing verification and approval process.
  • Automatic link, swap, transfer of vehicles and Quick notification service.