New Netfotech


Salesforce Implementation for a Leading Cloud Service Provider


A leading cloud service provider for salesforce implementation.

Business Problems

  • Client was using a semi-automated process with customized billing & ticketing software to address the backend system but an Excel-driven front-end sales function.
  • Required a system to track the sales activities and improve TAT.
  • Required to track the collaboration of team members towards bid preparation and other contributions.
  • Needed tracking of business opportunities for channel partners and sales team, as the GTM was also through partners/ channels

Solution Details

  • Campaign-Plan, Design, Run, Manage and Track Response.
  • Sales: Lead, account, opportunity, contacts
  • Price & Quotes with Sales Order Creation
  • Quip: Collaboration for Bid Management
  • Customer Complaint Tracking-Service Cloud
  • Reports and Dashboards



  • Qualification of leads based on scoring is implemented to get more qualified leads and resulting into better conversion ratio.
  • Collaboration tool has smoothened the Bid Management process and the Service Cloud has opened additional channels for revenue generation.