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DevOps Process Implementation


DevOps Process Implementation with Data Mining Project

Business Problems

  • Needs to streamline the development, build and deployment process of the Data Mining Project.
  • Isolated deployment process model optimization by inclusion of Dark Launching Techniques.
  • To Minimize the system downtime by streamlining the multi-channel deployment process.
  • Need to Incorporate the feedbacks and bug fixes based on a continuous process from different feedback loops

Solution Details

  • Implemented the DevOps methodologies as part of the development life cycle with various pipelines for Continuous Development, Testing, Integration, Deployment, and Monitoring.
  • Deployed various tools and scripts for the automation for the development/deployment, testing to staging and production.
  • Configured the tools for automated testing for reinforcing the feedback loops.
  • Provided SALT configuration tools for quick data collection and execution in system administration environments thereby automation has been streamlined along with the process of systems configuration and made it predictable repeatable, and manageable



  • Achieved a streamlined development, build, deployment and monitoring process without interrupting the operational process.
  • Continuous and uninterrupted delivery.
  • Effective utilization of resources on a needy basis within the Operational Framework.
  • Collaborated work environment with Dev Team, Testing and Deployment Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, and Operational Support Team.