New Netfotech

Case Study


Information Security Enablement & Cyber Security (Static Application Security Testing) for a Leading Logistics Provider in US

Business Problems

  • Provide a platform where users could post their experiences.
  • Perform an INFOSEC Security Assessments for the organization.
  • To Implement the Information Security for the environment.
  • Need to have a tool for the software team to perform the Static Application Security Testing.

Solution Details

Conducted an INFOSEC Security Assessment which covered the following:
  • Information security documentation such as policies, procedures, and baselines.
  • Roles & responsibilities management and Data Accessibility Matrix Audit.
  • Contingency Planning and Configuration Management
  • Identification, Authentication, and Auditing & Account management.
  • Malicious code protection, system maintenance & assurance.
  • Networking/Connectivity & Communications Security.
  • Information classification and labeling along with Media controls.
  • Physical environment & Personnel security. Education, training, and awareness.


Service Offerings

  • Recognition of good security practices; Information about the overall security posture.
  • Improvement in planning & effective risk & mitigation plans along with actionable road-maps.
  • Time Bound Plan and Actions – Enables to have a time-bound approach for the organization to implement and test the outcome in a synchronized way without affecting the operations.
  • SAST Tool – Early detection of vulnerabilities