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Leading BPO Case Management


Automated Bot delivers work of 12 staff for Leading IT Business Process Outsourcer

Business Problems

  • Leading IT and Business Process outsourcer, providing a management service for one of its customers, had to record all activities in its own case management application, and also replicate same in clients case management application.
  • The two systems could not be connected due to client restrictions, so the only way to get case information from the client system to the service provider system and vice-versa was to use people.
  • By recruiting temporary staff and redeploying staff from other duties, 12 employees were assigned to manually rekeying the records from one system to the other.
  • This slow process was creating a huge backlog of cases to be migrated and updated

Solution Details

  • An automated bot was deployed with Virtual Workers replicating the data from one system to the other, replacing the 12 staff with just two bots and delivering work out of hours to minimize the overall customer impact.
  • The backlog of cases was quickly cleared, and the reduced cost of temporary staff saved the client firstthree months of operation



  • Reduce the workforce from 12 to 2 for support and maintenance of bots.
  • Increased operational efficiency by 70% and availability by 150% by executing bot in 24×7 Environment.
  • Increasing the process accuracy up to 100% on the data replication.
  • Recommendation system continues to learn and adapt automatically.
  • Cost reduction from 50% to 70% month on month returns.