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Leading Finance Invoice Processing


Robotized” Process for Invoice Processing and Exception Handling for Large Financial Organization

Business Problems

  • One of the largest financial organizations wanted to digitize the invoice processing workflow.
  • The client’s method of processing invoices was extremely manual and time-consuming.
  • End Customer & Vendor Classifications based on invoices. Over 400,000 invoices (~70 percent of global invoice volume) were processed manually or in a semi-automated manner each year.
  • Once Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processed users had to manually edit incomplete invoices in the finance system.
  • Offline “cheat sheets” were maintained for creating issues with processing accuracy and consistency.

Solution Details

  • The bot accessing and logging into the finance system and navigating to the Accounts Payable invoice workbench
  • Accessing and reading a spreadsheet with all invoices to be corrected in the workbench
  • Accessing the scanned invoices through IQ Bots Engine
  • Mapping information from the spreadsheet to required fields in ERP and populating/correcting said fields (PO#, invoice amount, etc.) as needed
  • Pushing the invoices in the work queue for validation



  • Up to 70 percent annual operational productivity gains, significant potential cost savings.
  • Customizable: RPA solution can be easily configured by business users without depending on IT.
  • More reliable and resilient process: RPA configured to process invoices and handle exceptions consistently, greatly reducing the need for manual processing.
  • Boost productivity: Robots perform at digital speed 24/7/365 with fewer errors, regulatory violations, or fraud.
  • Higher employee satisfaction by eliminating repetitive tasks, employees focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.