New Netfotech


Leading Multi-National Technology Company


A robust CMS for a Leading Multi-national Technology Company.

Business Problems

  • Porting a customer-facing website from earlier CMS system on to AEM.
  • Need of a secure/performant CMS website for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet.
  • Need an easy & sustainable mechanism to create, modify/maintain content/digital assets with minimum dependency on Technical team & easy management of content for mobile apps/screens.
  • Enabling the system to continuously replicate the approved content using highly customized publishing processes & continuous system monitoring & auditing mechanisms to ensure content consistency.
  • A holistic approach for maintaining a Black & White environment & content sync between two environments with a proper approval process

Solution Details

  • Developed components, templates & experience fragments for easy authoring in AEM.
  • Implemented a complex publishing mechanism to auto-replicate the modified references, assets & experience fragments along with the actual page first to a staging environment for preview and proceed to Prod deployment based upon approval.
  • Setup an auditing process to track replications between intermediary staging & production.
  • Provided different scripts for ad-hoc requirements to ease authoring effort like auto-updating multiple pages with any content and publish the pages.
  • Solr integration for search on website & continuous updates to Solr for content changes



  • A robust publishing mechanism which addressed numerous issue causing and delays with publishing of the content.
  • A successful implementation to replace the basic search mechanism with a custom replication-agent integrating with Solr.
  • High performant and scalable systems to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Easy procedures to author and translate content for different locales and integrations with approved Translation vendors.
  • Real-time catalog integration with dynamic price updates, in stock or out of stock statuses and discontinued products.