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Maintenance & Support for Managing and Monitoring Data


Maintenance & Support for Managing and Monitoring Data Flow

Business Problems

  • Requirement to maintain the data flow process models using ETL tools.
  • Need for maintenance of the comprehensive data and load processes to streamline the data process models.
  • Requirement to manage data flow and accuracy from many data trading partners.
  • Support & troubleshoot user request & issues.

Solution Details

  • Created procedures, test files, and processes to automate data flow.
  • Identified trends and quality gaps from the analysis and monitoring of data.
  • Established streamlined and automated processes for ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Provided maintenance and support for the existing data and load processes to balance optimization of data access with batch loading and resource utilization factors.
  • Streamlined and automated maintenance process improving operational quality



  • Continuous monitoring of data flow process models thereby removing errors and reducing risks.
  • Managed and maintained data flow thereby ensuring data inflow and outflow accuracy.
  • Identification of various trends and quality gaps improved the end user experience.
  • Identify and fix vulnerabilities – Reduce risk exposure by identifying vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle.
  • Automation of data flow resulted in data accuracy into the internal system