Netfotech Solutions


Online Jobs Posting Services


Provided end-to-end solutions for an Online Jobs Posting Services Company

Business Problems

  • Required end to end cycle for Candidate interview process management and review system.
  • Needed a system which enabled an online interview process through video and interaction options.
  • An effective management system to ensure that the data is maintained efficiently and properly displayed when required.

Solution Details

  • Introduced a unique product Interview Oracle for end-to-end interview process management including Question Bank Management, Interview Template Management, Job Bank and Candidate Interview Process and Review System.
  • Enabled the Interview process to be conducted using online video recording and multi-chat window option.
  • Used React to share common functionality among components with HOC pattern (Higher-Order Components).
  • Enable SEO optimization for SPA applications using SSR technique.
  • Used LXC containers to enable communication among Frontend, Backend & Media Server Applications.
  • Initiated WebSocket communication layer for interactivity between Frontend and Media Server Application.



  • An efficient single point system for increased productivity in the Interview Management Process.
  • Value-Addition created by enabling online video and chat options to increase accessibility.
  • Overall system efficacy improved to handle data effectively and enabled better reporting.