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Portal Development & Support Services


Portal Development & Support Services for a Leading Unified Telecommunications Company

Business Problems

  • Need to revamp the existing application (Partner Portal) to be built as a SPA (Single Page Application).
  • Required a lightweight UI layer which needs to be responsive and fast enough to display large amounts of data to the customers.
  • Required a dynamic dashboard with data aggregation, presentation, and pagination abilities.
  • Cost-effectiveness is crucial, required manageable development and maintenance costs

Solution Details

  • Developed Partner Portal V2 application in React JS library and Redux Framework from scratch.
  • Developed the application to be fast, scalable, and simple that can be used in combination of other JS libraries and frameworks.
  • Implemented Lazy Loading to optimize our application by splitting code at logical breakpoints.
  • Enabled the application to load faster by downloading only the libraries that are initially needed and the rest are downloaded on need basis.
  • Displayed data in tabular and graphical chart libraries to enrich UI look and feel.
  • Developed components and packaged them as library which were shared and used across teams.



  • Dynamic dashboard with effective data visualization, able to handle large amount of data as per customer requirements.
  • Application is responsive, fast and scalable, which maximizes efficacy.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and efficiently increased uptime of applications.
  • Faster loading time enabled better functionality on devices leading to increased conversions, revenue, and traffic