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Video Management and Live-Streaming Implementation


Video Management and Live-Streaming Implementation for a B2B Media Publishing Company located in USA

Business Problems

  • Needed to implement a live-stream solution and simplify backend process, including uploading & transcoding.
  • Needed a Dynamic Video Content Management to reduce video publishing time.
  • Increase audience engagement with content and event.
  • Analytics across all the videos to enable the organization to understand the user engagements.
  • Mobile Apps integrations.

Solution Details

  • A solution based on the Brightcove platform with an API integration to their client interfaces.
  • Brightcove Live APIs integrated to enable Live Streaming to their platforms and also implemented the Zencoder APIs for transcoding on-demand video.
  • Managed videos and playlists and enabled the APIs for adding, replacing, and retrans code videos and assets.
  • Analytics API has been configured to implement some custom graphs with their LOB system



  • Able to speed up the backend integrations by 70% which includes integration with other partner video collaborations.
  • Client was able to easily live stream events with an intuitive interface and unmatched quality.
  • Able to stream videos, across multiple devices and platforms with efficient cloud integration.
  • Performance optimization enabled quality content delivery to geographically-distributed customers.